Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hotlanta. Birthdacation--Day One

Let me introduce you to my gem of a boyfriend:

Isla calls him 'Awesome'...actually she calls him 'Ha' because she can't say 'Awesome'. But one of these days it will be 'Awesome'.
Why 'Awesome'? That's a story for another day.

Today's story begins a series of posts (chock full of pictures) about my birthdacation. Birthday + Vacation = Birthdacataion. We decided it was time for a little road trip,  took off the week of my birthday and embarked on a 5+ hour drive to Atlanta, Georgia.
And I didn't have to drive AT ALL! (Yes. I offered.) Awesome says he enjoys the driving. I'm not completely convinced of that. But he's too good a man say otherwise, when he knows I'm not the biggest fan of driving. Just one of the many ways he takes care of us. (Could I have asked for a better guy?)

The drive up, with an 18 month old in the back, wasn't as bad as I had  expected it to be. We left at 5am and Isla was quiet and happy. True to form, she took a nap about 2.5 hours in and slept for an hour or 2. The last hour or so of the trip, after her nap, she began to get a little restless and whiny. We asked her a lot of questions, sang the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and Itsy Bitsy Spider approximately 586 times.
We'd considered buying a headrest DVD player. Ultimately the expense of the replacement headrest units was unjustifiable, and the strap on devices just seemed too dangerous to me. Can you say PROJECTILE? So we went old school and fared just fine.

Our first stop in Atlanta was heaven. Do you know what heaven looks like? I'll show you.


Can I TELL you how long I have wanted to go to IKEA? Everything so stylish and reasonably priced. It was quite an experience. One that I am eager to repeat. If you haven't been, please, for the love of all that is holy, put it on your bucket list.

Next we headed for our hotel, The Hampton Inn-Georgia Tech. But not before getting lost in the suburbs. Thank you iPhone GPS.

The hotel was lovely. Our room was clean, stylish, and budget friendly. The continental breakfast was generous, toddler friendly, and pretty darn good. Not gourmet, but hey, it was free. None of us went hungry. We had planned to hit a grocery store to get milk and fruit for Isla. But instead we were able to fill up a couple of extra sippy cups each morning and store them in our room's mini fridge. We were also permitted to grab a banana and a box of cheerios for snacks.
We weren't thrilled that they required us to valet park (and pay for it), but the valets were so nice and helpful and the valet lot is right outside the hotel entrance. It turned out to be a non-issue.

The location of the hotel was excellent. Right across the street from the Georgia Tech campus, close to the interstate, and about a mile North of the Georgia Aquarium. The first night we walked down to the historic Varsity for some good old fashioned drive in food. This place had so much character and atmosphere. There were even dining rooms that looked like classrooms. I wonder if they hold televised classes in there? I would have been so into that in college.

Night shot of the sign
Another sign. I cut off the bottom of the V. Shame.
Isla wearing a hat...and enjoying it! Amazing!
The girl likes to eat.
I took the next two shots on the walk back to the hotel at Awesome request to make the car lights streak. I'd never tried it before. Whatcha think?

Stay tuned for Day 2-The Greorgia Aquarium and World of Coke.


Jacqui said... [Reply]

Hi! Loved reading this! And yes, the light show was great :) I'm following back from my Smile with Me Saturday featured blog post, Single Parent Retreat :)

Have a great weekend!

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