Monday, May 23, 2011

Mirror Lake

After our walk around Yosemite Falls, we headed over to walk up to Mirror Lake. Isla napped in her stroller for most of the "hike". And when she woke up she had a blast riding on Katie's shoulders
And grabbing tiny fist fulls of snow from the snow banks along the roadside, and then pelting them at the rocks.
And here it is in live action:

About 2/3 of the way up we saw a YARTA shuttle roll by. I looked a Katie and said "You mean we could have taken a shuttle instead of walking...?"

Needless to say we took the shuttle down.

Mirror Lake is beautiful. It perfectly reflects the scenery, Half Dome, and Mt Watkins. When you stand on that rock in the middle of the pond, on lookers can see you reflected in front of the mountains.

But, I thought Katie said that when standing on the rock you can see your own reflection in front of Half Dome.

And so, I stood out there, looking down at the water, and yelling back to Katie that I couldn't see it. And she stood on the shore saying "NO! I can see it. Stay there and I'll take your picture!". But I still didn't get it.

On the way down to the shuttle stop we gave Isla larger snowballs to throw...

And she snuck a taste while I was snapping away at the scenery.

Stay tuned for the Ahwahnee Hotel.


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